It seems there's nothing in electronics that confuses people more than how to get started with FPGAs. So we've written the FPGAs? Now What!?! tutorial to show you how to:

  • Install the FPGA design software.
  • Create a simple design in VHDL.
  • Test a design with the simulator.
  • Compile a design into a bitstream.
  • Download a bitstream into an FPGA.
  • Test a design in the FPGA.
  • And more!

Learning about FPGAs is pointless unless you can actually apply them to your problems. So we've developed a set of low-cost but powerful FPGA boards and add-on modules that will get you going in no time!

  • The XuLA packs a 200K-gate FPGA and 8MB SDRAM into a 2-in2 area.
  • The XuLA2-LX25 ups it to a 1.5M-gate FPGA and 32 MB SDRAM in the same footprint.
  • The XuLA2-LX9 uses a smaller 600K-gate FPGA at a lower price.
  • The StickIt! board connects your XuLA to PmodTM and Wing modules with various functions.

We all know that feeling: deadlines are rushing at you and you need to make something work now! You don't have time to re-invent the wheel. And you won't have to with our extensive, open-source Github repos that provide:

  • Working VHDL modules.
  • Complete and tested FPGA designs.
  • Board schematics and PCB layouts.
  • Software tools.