XESS Announcementshttp://www.xess.com/announcements/New announcements from XESS.enSun, 05 Jul 2020 12:26:09 -0000StickIt!-Grove Board is Released!http://www.xess.com/blog/stickit-grove-board-is-released/ Got a lot of Grove modules you want to use? Then the Stickit!-Grove will let you connect four of them to a StickIt! Board or a solderless breadboard. http://www.xess.com/blog/stickit-grove-board-is-released/Raspberry Pi + XuLAhttp://www.xess.com/blog/raspberry-pi-xula/The StickIt! Board has been around since 2011, pretty much unchanged. Today that stops.http://www.xess.com/blog/raspberry-pi-xula/New US Distributor!http://www.xess.com/blog/new-us-distributor/As of now, you can buy the XuLA2-LX9 board in the HACKADAY General Store! As for the rest of our product line, well, you'll just have to deal with us.http://www.xess.com/blog/new-us-distributor/XuLA2-LX9 Back In Stock!http://www.xess.com/blog/xula2-lx9-back-in-stock/Hey, we know you were missing the XuLA2-LX9! For all those who were waiting, more boards have arrived from the assembler and are available for purchase. Thanks for your patience!http://www.xess.com/blog/xula2-lx9-back-in-stock/Closed for the Week!http://www.xess.com/blog/closed-for-the-week/Hey, we're closed for Thanksgiving week (Nov 22 - Nov 28)! You can still submit orders, but they won't ship until Dec 1st. So plan accordingly.http://www.xess.com/blog/closed-for-the-week/