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Posted by: Dave Vandenbout 5 years, 9 months ago

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I received two ESP8266 Wifi modules in the mail yesterday. They cost a grand total of $10 and promise to make wireless interconnectivity cheap and easy with a simple serial interface. These guys got connectivity to a run-of-the-mill Wifi router at 366 meters using only the ESP8266's PCB antenna, so the performance looks good.

My plan is to connect them to a XuLA2 FPGA board running the ZPUino processor. Since the ZPUino is programmed through an Arduino IDE, I hope to be able to borrow a bunch of existing code to do my tests.

But before I can borrow code, I have to find it. So here is my current list of links for the ESP8266:

  • : Espressif is the manufacturer of the ESP8266. Their site is pretty much a bunch of marketing hoo-hah and you'll have to "contact" them for more information. Not too useful.

  • : This is the homepage for a lot of ESP8266 information.

    • : ESP8266 specifications.
    • : A datasheet! In English!.
  • Electrodragon was one of the earlier companies to distribute ESP8266 modules. This is some documentation for their module which looks very similar to the ones I received.

    • : Wiki page with multiple sets of information and links for using the ESP8266.
    • : Shows how to update the ESP8266 firmware.
    • : A demo of turning the LEDs on the ESP8266 board on/off over the Wifi link.
  • : Peter Scargill has been pretty thorough in documenting his experiences in getting the ESP8266 up and running and delving into some of the capabilities of the chip.

  • This is the earliest design example I have found. It uses the ESP8266 WiFi module to grab a static page from the internet.

  • : This is another early, complete design example. (This site seems to be up and down, so keep checking if you can't get to it.)

  • : This is another complete example that uses the ESP8266 to provide the internet link for a simple web browser hosted on an Arduino.

  • : This is a community forum centered around the ESP8266. Everything is here, but probably best to read this stuff after going through a complete design example.

  • This is a list of all the Github repositories I could find with ESP8266 code.

    • : Repo for the ESP8266 community forum.
    • : Looks like an Arduino continuously polls the ESP8266 and prints a list of any Wifi access points it finds. I didn't think too much of this app at first until I looked at some of the others.
    • : This might be an actual, working example of using the ESP8266 with an Arduino. Worth a look.
    • : I'm not really sure what this is, but there's a lot of it.
    • : This seems to be some test code for another type of ESP8266 board with a 6-pin connector. I'll pass.
    • : Looks like a project stub. Not complete.
    • : Another "work-in-progress" project (by the author's own admission). Not complete.
  • Here's a list of all the ESP8266 tutorials I've made using the information provided from the above sources. Hopefully I've accurately distilled their knowledge into a concentrated elixir that will answer your questions on certain, specific topics:

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  • Shabbir 5 years, 5 months ago

    I am trying to connect the esp 8266 to the arduino and trying to control a bulb using it. But there is a problem flashing the firmware.
    I made the connections according to the following link:
    I also connected the GPIO0 to gnd and rst,chpd,GPIO2 to 3.3v
    But there is an error in flashing the firmware . "failed to connect".
    Also there is no response in the serial monitor for the AT commands. The serial monitor says "connection timeout"
    Please help!!

    Link / Reply

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