XESS Bloghttp://www.xess.com/blog/Updates to the XESS blog.enSun, 05 Jul 2020 12:26:09 -0000Are You In An Abusive Relationship With Your Schematic Editor?http://www.xess.com/blog/are-you-in-an-abusive-relationship-with-your-schematic-editor/ Having hung out on forum.kicad.info for over a year, I'm quite aware of the problems engineers have with their CAD tools. In particular, I hear a lot of moaning and groaning about schematic editors. (For the record, I know my graphic to the left shows a PCB, not a schematic. What can I say? Art trumps accuracy.)http://www.xess.com/blog/are-you-in-an-abusive-relationship-with-your-schematic-editor/Walk In, Walk Outhttp://www.xess.com/blog/walk-in-walk-out/I wrote a blog post several years ago about my first KiCad design: an eight-channel analog-to-digital StickIt! board. While testing it, I discovered the signals in the analog channels could leak into one another if the signal drivers had too high an impedance. The design kind of languished after that.http://www.xess.com/blog/walk-in-walk-out/Colossus-al!http://www.xess.com/blog/colossus-al/Every now and then, one of my customers comes back with something they've been working on. In this case, it's Ben North showing some work he did modeling the Colossus code-breaking machine built at Bletchley Park.http://www.xess.com/blog/colossus-al/Extinction Level Eventhttp://www.xess.com/blog/extinction-level-event/ Well, there are rumblings that Xilinx is going to be bought.http://www.xess.com/blog/extinction-level-event/ESP8266: Re-Reflash Dance!http://www.xess.com/blog/esp8266-re-reflash-dance/ Over a year ago, I posted about how I reflashed an ESP-01 module with new firmware. That post has been very popular and I got the idea in my head that I was some sort of expert on doing this. But when I recently tried to do the same for an ESP-201 module, I found out I wasn't!http://www.xess.com/blog/esp8266-re-reflash-dance/