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Posted by: Dave Vandenbout 5 years, 3 months ago


I've been alerted by a few people today of a Kickstarter campaign by DreamMICRO that uses some images of our XuLA2 FPGA board:

The DREAM-1.

Their DREAM-1

The XuLA2.

Our XuLA2.

They've also proposed an additional prototyping platform that uses their DREAM-1 as a daughterboard and supplements it with auxiliary functions implemented as Digilent PMODsā„¢. This is quite similar to our existing StickIt! board and StickIt! modules:

The DREAM-1 Prototyping Platform.

Their DREAM-1 Prototyping Platform

The StickIt! Board.

Our StickIt! Board

Now, there's no problem with this: the XuLA2 and StickIt! boards are OSHW and Creative-Commons licensed. Anyone is free to download the schematics and layout files to make and sell their own versions. The DreamMICRO team even references that they've used the "open-source Xula pcb design" for their stuff. (No mention of us, but hey, the world's not a perfect place.)

So I'm not calling foul on the DreamMICRO team or saying they're bad people. They've made use of OSHW to build their project. That's kind of what OSHW is for. I just want to make it public that XESS isn't involved in this campaign. If you contribute to their campaign, anything good or bad that comes out of that is between you and them. XESS is not involved in any way. (Well, we did design the original XuLA2 and StickIt! boards, but any design modifications, manufacturing details, distribution, delivery and customer support are the responsibility of the DreamMICRO team.)

Meanwhile, XESS is still selling our XuLA2 and StickIt! boards. And, of course, you can buy one. Today. Like, right now.

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