• XST-2.1 image 0
  • XST-2.1 image 0
  • XST-2.1 image 1
  • Not compatible with XS95, XS40 or CSoC Boards!!
  • XSA Board connector
  • pushbuttons (4)
  • DIP switch
  • LED digits (2)
  • LED bargraph
  • 128 KByte SRAM
  • 20-bit stereo codec
  • stereo in/out ports
  • USB 1.1 peripheral-mode interface
  • RS-232 serial port
  • IDE hard disk interface
  • prototyping area
  • daughterboard connector

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The XStend Board provides additional support circuitry that the XSA Boards can access through their prototyping interfaces.  This circuitry extends the range of applications of the XSA Boards into these new areas:
  • The pushbuttons, DIP switches, LEDs, and prototyping area are useful for basic lab experiments.
  • The static RAM can be used when the larger SDRAM on the XSA Board is overkill for a particular application.
  • The stereo codec and dual-channel analog I/O circuitry are useful for processing audio signals in combination with DSP components synthesized with XILINX's CORE generation software.
  • The USB 1.1 interface lets the XSA Board appear as a low-speed or full-speed USB peripheral to a PC.
  • The RS-232 interface is useful when the XSA Board needs to send information over a low-speed serial communication link.
  • The IDE interface provides the XSA Board with access to a hard disk for data storage and retrieval.
XESS product picture
XESS product picture