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Everything on the XSTOOLs CD is freely available on this website. If you still want a physical CD, you can purchase one for the price shown above.

The XSTOOLS CDROM contains the following items:

Software Utilities
  • GXSTEST / XSTEST: GUI / command-line utilities to run diagnostics on all XESS board models.
  • GXSLOAD / XSLOAD: GUI / command-line utilities to load configuration bitstreams into the FPGA and/or CPLD, upload/download the RAM and upload/download the Flash on all XESS board models.
  • GXSPORT / XSPORT: GUI / command-line utilities to send up to eight logic signals through the PC parallel port to the XESS Board. (Not supported by the XuLA Boards.)
  • GXSSETCLK / XSSETCLK: GUI / command-line utilities to set the frequency of the programmable oscillator on all XESS board models. (Not supported by XESS boards with fixed oscillators like the XSA and XuLA Boards.)
  • GXSFLAGS: GUI utility for setting/clearing flags that configure the operation of the XuLA Boards.
  • Complete manuals for all XESS products.
  • Xilinx ISE WebPACK projects containing XESS design examples.
  • Application notes and tutorials.