• XuLA-ACC-1 image 1
  • One USB 2.0 cable
  • Two 20-pin headers with 0.025" square pins
  • Two 20-pin headers with 0.020" round pins
  • Three 2-pin jumpers
  • Three shunts
  • One 2x2 header

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The XuLA-ACC-1 Accessory Pack provides a few items that you may want for your XuLA2-LX9 or XuLA2-LX25 Board:
  • One USB 2.0 A-to-mini-B cable.
  • Two 20-pin headers with square 0.025" pins for use in the prototyping header.
  • Two 20-pin headers with round 0.020" pins also for use in the prototyping header. (The thinner pins of these headers make it easier to insert and remove your XuLA2 board from a standard solderless breadboard.)
  • Three two-pin headers for use in the power jumpers.
  • Three shunts for use with the power jumpers.
  • One 2x2 header for use in the auxiliary JTAG header.

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