3rd-Party Design Examples

Project Date
BigBen.tar Project
Big Ben Chime Synthesizer from Hellwig Geisse generates the chimes of Big Ben in London.
FPGA-USB-V2 Project
Controller-less USB Core from Johns Hopkins University talks to a PC USB port using just a pair of FPGA I/O pins.
lfsr_package Project
LFSR Random Number Generator from Johns Hopkins University generates random numbers from lengths of three bits up to 168 (but not 37).
LCD_HD44780 Project
HD44780 LCD interface shows how to control this alphanumeric display using a combination of delay elements and an FSM programmed into an XSA-200 Board.
Rijndael_SBox Project
Rijndael S-Box implementation for the XSA-200 Board shows how to build a small, fast, combinatorial circuit for the SubByte transformation step in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
snake_demo Project
Snake video game demo for the XSA-3S1000 + XST-3 Boards shows the dual-layer and alpha blending capabilities of an enhanced VGA generator coupled with a dual-port SDRAM controller, PS/2 keyboard controller and a Picoblaze microcontroller.
fg-hussain Project
XSB frame grabber from the University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, grabs frames of video and displays them on a VGA monitor. (This version is written in Verilog.)
ntsc-wv9557 Project
NTSC Video Generator: This circuit outputs an 8-bit grayscale image in NTSC format.
XSA_Nexar_IF_V101 Project
Nexar / Protel 2004 Interface for the XSA-100 Board: Nexar is a design environment that provides soft processor cores complete with integrated build and debugging tools and virtual instruments that communicate through the JTAG interface.  This interface is an enhancement of the XSA PIII Cable interface that adds the Nexar Soft JTAG chain functionality while still remaining backwards compatible with the Xilinx Impact software.
Terminal%20project1 Project
XSA-50 terminal program: This is an implementation of a terminal with a VGA monitor, PS/2 keyboard and an RS232 serial port
radjab_oscope Project
FPGA-based oscilloscope: This project descibes a stand-alone digital oscilloscope that interfaces directly to a VGA monitor.
xsocXR16 Project
xsocXR16: This project uses the XR16 CPU that Jan Gray originally designed for the XESS XS40-005XL FPGA Board with SRAM. This project extracts the CPU fully intact and interfaces it to the SDRAM contained on the XSA-100 board. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
xsocVGABitmap Project
xsocVGABitmap: Using Jan Gray's XSOC vga video circuit and XESS's SDRAM controller, a design was assembled to demonstrate how to use SDRAM as a source of pixel information for the vga controller. This design demonstrates the basic mechanics of how to interface to SDRAM memory. Also demonstrates how to mix Verilog and VHDL code in the same design. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
xsocVGAStripes Project
xsocVGAStripes: Using Jan Gray's XSOC vga video circuit, a simple design was assembled to demonstrate how to use it with an XSA-100 board. Good example on how to mix Verilog (the vga circuit) and VHDL code together in a single design. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
micro8-xsa Project
Micro8-XSA is John Kent's Micro8 CPU running on an XSA board with XStend. Very neat project that runs a small custom VHDL CPU interfaced to SRAM on the XStend board and RS232 port. Demonstrates how to properly address decode and memory map an I/O device. All components are now Wishbone compliant! (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
rs232 Project
RS232 demonstrates how to interface through the RS232 port on the XESS XStend-2 board. The project echoes characters received from a terminal. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
vgaBall Project
vgaBall generates a VGA signal and creates a "ball" that bounces. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
vgaChars Project
vgaChars generates a VGA signal and displays characters from an onboard character ROM. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
vgaStripes Project
vgaStrips generates a VGA signal and draws a series of colored bars.. (WARNING: Some scanners report a virus in this design file archive!)
PS2_Kbd Project
PS/2 keyboard controller project.
RR4Coproc Project
Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Redundant Radix-4 Arithmetic project implements four arithmetic and four logic operations using a fast parallel multiplication scheme.  The coprocessor is hosted in an XS40 Board that interfaces to a PC hrough the parallel port.
Digital_Camera Project
Digital Camera Interface project shows how a CMOS ‘Camera On a Chip’ image sensor can be interfaced to an XSA-100 Board through an I2C bus. The pixel data is buffered in the XSA-100 SDRAM and is then uploaded through the parallel port to be displayed on a PC.
barvol Project
Audio volume indicator uses an XS40 Board and XStend Board to display the volume of an audio input on a bargraph LED.
uccalculator1 Project
Calculator uses the 8051 microcontroller and FPGA on the XS40 Board to build a simple calculator.
WaveletCompression Project
Wavelet image compression for the XSV-300 Board done by Daniel Bachofen at FHS, University of Applied Science St.Gallen.
trenz-usb Project
USB macro that combines a complete USB transaction layer with an 8051 microcontroller core and a functional block that implements the application-specific functions.  This macro was developed and is supported by Trenz Electronics for use with an XSV Board.
xhwif-xsv-100 Project
Jbits XHWIF interface for the XSV-100 Board.
xhwif-xs40-005xl Project
Jbits XHWIF interface for the XS40-005XL Board.
XSVJBits Project
JBits XHWIF interface for the XSV Boards (developed by Xilinx)
xs_pc_intfc Project
PC/XS Transfer: A circuit and C code for bidirectional transfer of data between an XS40 Board and a PC.
WalkBit Project
Walking-bit circuit shifts a 1 through a register mapped to the 7-segment LED. This design shows the interactions between the XC4000 FPGA and the 8031 microcontroller on the XS40 Board.