• StickIt!-Buttons image 1
  • Twelve tact buttons
  • Needs only 4 I/O pins!
  • PMOD compatible
  • Wing compatible
  • Open-source design

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Well, you can probably tell what this module does. Just connect it to a PMOD or Wing socket on the StickIt! board and your XuLA can get inputs from an array of buttons! And, through the magic of multiplexing, you can individually scan twelve buttons using only four I/O pins of the FPGA!

As with the StickIt! board, we made the entire StickIt! Buttons module design open-source. All of it: bitstreams, schematic, PCB layout, documentation — everything!


I ordered a StickIt! Buttons module and all I got was a board. No software? No manual? No fancy box!?

When you order a StickIt! Buttons module, all you get is the board. That's it. The StickIt! Buttons module doesn't need any software itself. And the manual is online. As for the fancy box, well, sorry about that. Think of it as "saving the environment".

What kind of instructions are there for using the StickIt! Buttons module ?

The StickIt! Buttons module manual will tell you how to install your board, and it shows how the buttons are connected to the I/O pins. And there is a design example online that shows how to use it.

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