• Four independent sockets for Grove modules
  • PMOD compatible
  • Solderless breadboard compatible
  • Open-source design

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Got a lot of Grove modules you want to use? Then the Stickit!-Grove will let you connect four of them to a StickIt! Board so your XuLA2 can talk to them.

Don't want to use a StickIt! Board? Fine, be that way! You can plug the StickIt!-Grove into a breadboard and connect whatever you want to your Grove modules.

Like everything we do, we made the entire StickIt!-Grove design open-source. All of it: schematic, PCB layout, documentation — everything!


I ordered a StickIt!-Grove and all I got was a board. No manual? No fancy box!?

Haven't you figured us out by now? We don't do the whole fancy box thing. All you get is the board and a few headers. That's it. It cuts down on shipping costs. And the manual is online.

What kind of instructions are there for using the StickIt!-Grove?

Did you not see the link to the manual we just gave you? Anyway, it's four sockets on a board! How hard could it be?

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